I currently work as a graphic designer for KCA London, a multidisciplinary agency, who specialises in developing and delivering audience experiences in exhibitions and museums both in the UK and internationally. I work with a number of clients across the UK and the Middle East.  

I see design as a collaborative process and believe in the importance of cross-disciplinary design solutions. I’ve implemented this approach into a number of projects I’ve worked on both for KCA and in my personal time, including design research, exhibition graphics and identities.

I graduated in 2010 with a BA in interior and spatial design from the University of the Arts and an MA in design from Kingston University in 2013.

In my free time, I love experimenting with different print processes using illustration and collage. The source of inspiration for this work is my father who played football professionally for a Bahraini football club in the 70’s. My goal is to someday exhibit my prints, to highlight my father’s story.

Outside of design, my interests include visiting museums and exhibitions, taking dance classes and brushing up on my French, which I’m learning as a language. 

Instagram: fatimas87

Email: hello@fatimahasan.com